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Recreational Program U4-U7

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    CE News

    5th Annual Boo-Festival

    By Admin 10/08/2019, 9:45pm CDT

    5th Annual Boo-Festival

    CE Thanksgiving Camp

    By Admin 10/09/2019, 1:30pm CDT

    CE Thanksgiving Camp

    CE 2019 Winter Cup

    By Admin 10/09/2019, 8:15am CDT

    CE 2019 Winter Cup

    Friday Night Futsalito

    By Admin 10/08/2019, 1:15pm CDT

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    ECNL comes to San Antonio

    By Lupe Metzger 11/02/2016, 10:45am CDT

    Classics Elite Announced

    ECNL Welcomes Classics Elite as Member Club in 2017


    • 2017 NLI

    • By Admin 02/06/2017, 3:00pm CST
    • Congratulations to CE HS seniors who are moving on to play college soccer
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    Classics Elite Soccer Academy

    Classics Elite Soccer Academy is San Antonio's largest and most successful youth soccer program, offering a full range of soccer training from age 5 through age 18, for both boys and girls.

    Goalkeeper Schedule - Fall 2019

      Monday Tuesday
      Boys Girls
    6:00-7:00P 09,08,07  **09,08,07
    7:00-8:00P 06,05,04 06,05,04
    8:00-9:00P  03, 02,01  03,02,01
    *Thursday will be an opportunity for Fernando and Dennis 
    to work with the Goalkeepers in their team environment
    ** Coach Dennis

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